Northern Saskatchewan Landscape with Dogs (after Pieter Bruegel the Elder)

In Northern Saskatchewan Landscape with Dogs (after Pieter Bruegel the Elder) Velkova explores the ‘spirit of the north.’ The photograph’s subtitle references the genre painting of Flemish artist Pieter Bruegel, known for his portrayal of sweeping landscapes and country peasants at play. The parallel between Velkova’s photograph and Bruegel’s painting is illustrated by the vivid winterscape, where Velkova rides a dogsled through the prairie beneath an endless blue sky, trailed by a long, flowing red cape. Dogsledding, also known as Mushing, is a traditional form of transportation in Northern Saskatchewan, and remains a contemporary tourist attraction often advertised as a ‘unique winter adventure.’

In this photograph, the romanticized notions of winter in northern Saskatchewan are emphasized by Velkova’s dramatic aesthetic choices, creating a mirage of heightened beauty.